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Brown, red, and yellow tinted map illustration of the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, with a circular frame around them

Nahuatl as it was: an exploration of the great dictionary of Alonso de Molina

Posted by: John Hessler

A stained glass window showing an image of Saint Brendan.

Searching for Saint Brendan’s Island

Posted by: Cynthia Smith

A red outline around the streets of San Francisco in the burned portion of the city. The buildings that have been rebuilt two years later are shown as black rectangles.

Shaken to the Core

Posted by: Sonia Kahn

Key to emblems for Moral & Political Chart of the inhabited world

When “Savages” Roamed the Earth: Maps Perpetuating Bias and Bigotry in the 19th century

Posted by: Mike Klein