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Map showing the final route of the Northern Pacific

Mapping the Northern Pacific Railroad

Posted by: Meagan Snow

A hand drawn map showing the battle of Antietam. Colorful with the river running down the center of the map.

Antietam: “The Most Terrible Battle of the Age”

Posted by: Julie Stoner

This 1714 map still shows the northern region of Roussillon as part of Catalonia. Despite territorial cessations having been made in the wake of the Franco-Spanish War

Indeterminately Independent: The Volatile Autonomy of the Spanish Region of Catalonia

Posted by: Sonia Kahn

Detail of map of the southern portion of Michigan's lower peninsula, Ohio, and northeast Indiana, with counties labeled and colored. The region of the Toledo Strip forms the southern parts of Hillsdale, Lenawee, and Monroe Counties in Michigan.

If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Forget Toledo

Posted by: Amelia Raines