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About this Blog: Bibliomania

“Bibliomania” is a blog by and for book lovers. Written by the bibliophiles of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress, this blog features diverting anecdotes about collection items, offers information about the material process of book creation, and explores the social history of information through the scribal tradition and the medium of print.

Curiosities abound in a collection of more than a million works. Our team of bloggers provides a virtual peek into the vaults of the world’s largest library. Curators and rare book librarians share information and observations about ancient fragments of papyrus, medieval manuscripts, early printed books, illustrated books, fine bindings, early American, English, and Spanish imprints, broadsides and ephemera, pamphlet collections, radical literature, contemporary artist books, and much more.



Detail of a copperplate engraving of a scribe, who is seated at a lectern with his quill pen poised over a manuscript in the act of writing.
"Icones." Frankfurt: 1597-99. Rosenwald 732a. Rare Book and Special Collections Division.