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Title page of Doctrines of the Middle State with inscription.

The Middle State: Famous Owners of a Controversial Text

Image of a lion with small objects and figures.

In Your Mind’s Eye: Strange Mental Architecture to Help You Remember

Portrait of Rose O'Neal Greenhow

From Captivity to Capsized: Wild Rose O’Neal Greenhow

Woodcut image of the goddess Othea and Hector of Troy.

Christine de Pizan, Professional Writer and Voice for Women in the Middle Ages

Inscriptions on the flyleaf of an 18th century book that read “Lydia pygan hur Boock,” and “Thomas Adams, His book, 1726.”

A Sermon’s Centennial: The Library of Congress Copy of “The Knowledge of God.”

cover of the book The Nasby Papers

Lincoln, Locke, and the Disagreeable Rev. Nasby

Gertrude Ina Robinson and the Floral Fairies

Preview and Process: The Maret Artist Archive at the Library of Congress

Woodcut image depicting Thomas Murner as a robed cat.

Gamification: Thomas Murner Makes Learning Fun

Image of the title page from the Book of Mormon, copy 2.

The Book of Mormon in the Library of Congress