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Orphanos, Stathis. Christopher Isherwood. Santa Monica, ca 1972.

The Berlin of Christopher Isherwood

newspaper image of Voltairine de Cleyre

Discovering Voltairine de Cleyre, Neglected Poet of American Radicalism

Vesalius muscle figure

The First “Modern” Medical Book

Tantalizingly Incomplete: Charlotte Guillard and Erasmus of Rotterdam in 1546

landscape photograph of clearing in a forest

Not So Silent Spring: Remembering Rachel Carson

Orphanos, Stathis. May Sarton. ca 1993. Portrait photograph. Sylvester & Orphanos Collection.

Learning to Let Go: Poet May Sarton

Bright white circular shape with a dark circle in the center.

Tiny Totality: A Souvenir of the 1878 Solar Eclipse

Woodcut image of a teacher giving a lecture to a group of students who sit below his lectern. His cap is painted red. Everything else is black-and-white.

Career Advice from a Concerned Forger

Photograph Guy Davenport Jonathan Williams

Guy Davenport: An Appalachian Polymath

Photograph showing Amelia Earhart sitting in the cockpit of an Electra airplane.

The Sky’s the Limit: Amelia Earhart and the National Woman’s Party