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Red Library of Congress binding on a book from the Smithsonian Deposit. Rare Book and Special Collections Division.

Binding Two National Libraries: Rare Books from the Smithsonian

Naomi Long Madgett. Pink Ladies in the Afternoon : Poems. Detroit: Lotus Press, 1990. New and enlarged edition.

The Godmother of African American Poetry

portrait of Chester Himes

Chester Himes: Reflections on a Life Shared

Typee by Herman Melville, Armed Services Edition

Hidden Treasures: More Rare Books in the Online Catalog

Woodcut image of a kneeling female dressed in a monastic habit and presenting a book to a crowned old man with a large beard, who is sitting on a throne. Behind him stands a woman with a large crown, who holds a large staff (crozier) in her hand.

The First Known Female Playwright

Detail from mock-up for cover design for Alice Notley's At Night the States.

The George Schneeman Archive

FDR smiling

The Sprout Incident of FDR and Lady Churchill

Detail of a copperplate engraving of a scribe, who is seated at a lectern with his quill pen poised over a manuscript in the act of writing.

A Year in Review, 2023

January Brings the Siren: An Illuminated Manuscript for the New Year

The scene of the Annunciation in the Edith Book of Hours surrounded by border illuminations and two frolicking rabbits below.

Immensity and Smallness in the Edith Book of Hours