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Image of page of text with small blue initial and distinctive pen flourishes in red.

A Time Capsule : What An Early Printed Book Can Teach Us About “Anchoring Innovation”

Posted by: Marianna Stell

Did the earliest printers know what print was? Book historian Anna Dlabacova, former fellow in the W. Kluge Center and senior university lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, offers some observations about what a 15th-century book from the Netherlands can teach us about culture and innovation.

Red Library of Congress binding on a book from the Smithsonian Deposit. Rare Book and Special Collections Division.

Binding Two National Libraries: Rare Books from the Smithsonian

Posted by: Marianna Stell

In 1866, the Smithsonian physically transferred its library of over 40,000 works to the Library of Congress. A notable event in the history of both information institutions, the Smithsonian Deposit included a range of materials which today are dispersed throughout the Library’s divisions. Among them are some unexpected and intriguing materials in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division.

Detail from mock-up for cover design for Alice Notley's At Night the States.

The George Schneeman Archive

Posted by: Mark Manivong

George Schneeman was a poet and artist who collaborated with the Poetry Project at St. Mark's in New York City. This blog post provides a short biography and some examples of his work found in his archive.

Detail of a copperplate engraving of a scribe, who is seated at a lectern with his quill pen poised over a manuscript in the act of writing.

A Year in Review, 2023

Posted by: Stephanie Stillo

2023 was a memorable year for the Rare Book and Special Collections Division. As a way of reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the next, we have highlighted Library resources that are now, or will soon become, available to the public. Happy 2024!