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cover of the book The Nasby Papers

Lincoln, Locke, and the Disagreeable Rev. Nasby

Posted by: Amanda Zimmerman

In the early 1860s amidst growing unrest between the North and South, American humorist, journalist and political commentator David Ross Locke (1833 - 1888) debuted a character that would be popular with abolitionists for years to come - and with Abraham Lincoln in particular.

Gertrude Ina Robinson and the Floral Fairies

Posted by: Mark Manivong

Musician and children’s book author Gertrude Ina Robinson (b. 1868) created cloth figurines that match the characters in her children's book series, the Floral Fairies, 13 of which can now be found in the Archive for Floral Fairies and Rainbow Fairies in the Rare Book and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress.