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Mystery Photos: Who Am I?

Regular readers of the “Now See Hear!” blog know that for the past year or so, we’ve been trying to identify some super-obscure film- , TV- and music-related photos.  Though we’ve had an over 50% success rate, we still have some enduring “unknowns.”  To try to facilitate some more solutions, we’ve gathered 30 of our remaining mysteries below.  As always, “clicking” on the each of the thumbnails below will increase it in size.  Please add guesses/solutions in the comments section below.  We’ll be updating this blog as each image is “ID-ed.”  THANK YOU!!

UPDATE:  We are absolutely THRILLED by the incredible response we got to this group of photos and we will investigate and verify all the suggestions.  We’ve added updates to some of the pictures below….


1. This gentleman (above) with the bow-tie looks familiar but we don’t know his name.

2. We’d like to know the name of this trio–either as a group or individually.

3.  Anyone recognize this guy?

UPDATE:  Could this be Irish actor Noel Willman?

4.  The man with the beard and the glasses looks familiar but we don’t–yet–know who he is.

SOLVED:  Director Harold Becker!

5.  We thought this gent was Bruno Ganz, but we’ve since had that disproven.  Who is he?

UPDATE:  Could this be French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant?

 6.  The rest of this photo is NSFW.  Can anyone recognize her face?

7.  This is NOT Dana Delany or Stephanie Zimbalist or Bonnie Bedelia.  Who is she?

8.  Does anyone recognize this lady with the hoops?

UPDATE:  Could this be former Miss America Debbye Turner?

9.  This photo might be UK in origin due to where it was found in the collection.  Who is this song and dance lady?

10.  There’s a two-letter code on this photo:  “TC.”  That might be the initials of the woman in the photo or the initials of the film she is appearing in.  Or it might be neither.

11.  This photo is from White Studios, a busy NY-based vaudeville and Broadway photographer at one time.  But who is the subject?

12.  We are still trying to ID this actress or the exotic film she is in.

13.  No one, so far, has recognized this duo.

UPDATE:  The Jacobites Christian Death?

14.  Who is the man with the carnation?

SOLVED!:  This is Walter Reade, Jr., founder of the Walter Reade Organization, a one-time big-time arthouse film distributor.

15.  And who is this well-dressed man?

16.  This has been a fun one:  Is this a local horror host?  Is it from a production of Jekyll and Hyde?

17.  Who is the man with the glasses?

UPDATE:  British comedy writer Denis Norden?

18.  This one has frustrated many.  He looks very familiar.  But we don’t know who he is.

19.  Here’s a series of styled shots for an unknown personality.

UPDATE:  Jamie Harris?  Thomas Jane?

20.  We’d like to know the name of either of these two young men.

21.  Someone thought this was Shel Silverstein, but we know that’s not true.  So any guesses?

UPDATE:  The cartoon in the back is by Herb Gardner but that is not Gardner in the foreground.

22.  These creatures must be in a movie or TV production of some sort–but what?

23.  The identity of this director might never be solved because his face is so obscured.  His hat reads “Tucson Rodeo” if that helps anyone.

SOLVED:  William Friedkin.

24.  We assume that this is a musical group.  But their name is so far unknown.

25.  This has got to be a production of ”Knickerbocker Holiday” based upon the set, costumes, and date on the stage.  But it doesn’t sync up with the Hollywood version or the Broadway debut.  Suggestions?

26.  This fetching lass is, so far, without a name.

27.  At one time, we thought this was British actress Suzy Mandel–and even Ms. Mandel said it looked like her!–but it’s not.  Who is she?

28.  Blond ambition:  This MIGHT be from a film but which one?

UPDATE:  The woman in the foreground is wearing a graduation cap and there’s an “86” on it.

29.  So many people thought this was Juliet Prowse, we eventually reached out to the late Ms. Proswe’s son who informed us that the photo is not of his mom.


30.  This shot is probably from Brazilian film–due to a stamp on the front, or from another country south of the border–but we haven’t been able to ID it or the lady in the photo.


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