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The National Recording Registry: DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!




The Library of Congress invites you to submit your recommendations for the 2021 National Recording Registry.

Every year, the Librarian of Congress, with advice from the National Recording Preservation Board, annually selects 25 titles/works that are deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant, and are at least 10 years old and extant.

Public nominations play a key role when the Librarian and the National Recording Preservation Board are considering their final selections.

We strongly encourage the recommendation of music (all genres), comedy recordings, radio  shows, news broadcasts, podcasts, and interviews and other works.

Here is the current list of the all the recordings already selected.

You may nominate up to 50 films through the online nomination form.

For more information about the National Film Registry visit our website, or email us at [email protected]

From the Recording Registry: Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta Exposition Speech of 1895

Today, on the anniversary of Booker T. Washington’s historic Atlantic speech, we look back at the recording Washington made of it in 1908, so that his words would not be lost to history.  Professor Jacqueline M. Moore does the honors for the recording added to the National Registry in 2002. Booker T. Washington’s 1895 Address […]

From the National Recording Registry: “Ven Conmigo” — Selena (1990)

 As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, author Joe Nick Patoski examines the legacy of Selena and her groundbreaking second studio album “Ven Conmigo.”   This essay reflects not only her music, but Selena’s short-lived iconic status that often compared her to Gloria Estefan, Madonna, and other legendary female entertainers. By the age of 22, Selena was […]

New Digital Collection of Motion Picture Copyright Descriptions

One of our very earliest Now See Hear! posts was about our wonderful collection of the copyright descriptions that accompanied films submitted for registration starting in 1912. At the very end we noted “several years ago we digitized many hundreds of the microfilm reels onto which the descriptions were originally transferred, and we’re looking for […]

From the Recording Registry: United Sacred Harp Musical Convention in Fyffe, Alabama (Sept. 12, 1959)

Sixty-two years ago today, a group of talented singers gathered in Fyffe, Alabama, to recording a remarkable, one of a kind album utilizing “shape-note singing.”  The Library’s own Matt Barton examines the resulting recording that was named to the Library’s National Registry in 2010. “If you don’t like it [Sacred Harp singing] you had better […]

From National Film Registry: What Are Your Favorite Films?

  NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE FILMS FOR THE 2021 NATIONAL FILM REGISTRY DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS SEPTEMBER 15, 2021   The Library of Congress invites you to submit your recommendations for the 2021 National Film Registry. Under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act of 1988, the Librarian of Congress, with advice from the National […]

Film Loans from the Library of Congress — September 2021

Here are some of the titles from the Library’s motion picture collections–many preserved by the NAVCC film laboratory–that we’re loaning for exhibition this month. As always, we can’t guarantee that schedules won’t change or links get broken, but this is our best information at the time of publication. FILM FORUM:  New York City, New York […]