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Cover image of Joy Harjo celebrating Native American Heritage Month and new blog series Find Yourself in Copyright

Find Poetry in Copyright: Joy Harjo

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Torso in a white sweater holding a stack of books. On the left third of the picture is the text "Native American Heritage Month". Two geometric representations of feathers are hanging down from the circle in the color orange, turquoise, dark purple, and white.

Discovering Native American Cultures through Illustrated Stories

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Profile of Barbara Ringer on the right side of an image. Backgrounds is blue with faded image of people working. Text reads, Barbara Ringer, 8th Register of Copyrights, 1973-1980

Barbara Ringer’s Legacy of Fighting for Equity at the Copyright Office: An Interview with Amanda Levendowski

Posted by: Steve Andreadis