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Black man sits in front of a desk with three monitors, processing books from a library cart next to him

Copyright Deposit Requirements May Be Easier Than You Think

Posted by: Nora Scheland

Imagen de encabezado de la versión en español del blog. La imagen muestra una pila de libros junto a dos burbujas superpuestas. Uno dice Hello; el otro dice Hola. Una pancarta en la parte inferior central dice el Mes de la Herencia Hispana.

El derecho de autor en la traducción: Gregory Rabassa

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Header image for English version of blog. Image shows a stack of books next to two overlapping bubbles. One says Hello; the other says Hola. A banner in the center bottom reads Hispanic Heritage Month.

Copyright in Translation: Gregory Rabassa

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Header image to look like retro video game start screen, with the words "start game" in the center and colorful joysticks on each side. Along the bottom is a banner that says "Find Yourself in Copyright."

Find Video Games in Copyright

Posted by: Nicole Lamberson

Image of two tote bags: one of a zebra with a pale purple background and the letter Z in the top left corner; the other with an elephant on a pale yellow background with the letter E in the top left corner.

Junior Fellow’s Personal Experience with Copyright

Posted by: Alison Hall

On the right side of the screen, a young woman in her room, curtains drawn, participates in a Zoom call. She is facing forward and smiling. Left side of the screen reads, "Explore Your Creativity!"

Copyright and Me

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Black man sits at desk wearing headphones talking into a microphone

The Copyright Claims Board Is Here: Find Out If It’s Right for You!

Posted by: Nora Scheland

40 Million U.S. Copyright Registrations

Celebrating the United States’ 40 Millionth Copyright Registration

Posted by: George Thuronyi

Pride in Literature: Inspiring Authors for Everyone

Posted by: Holland Gormley