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Benefits of the Copyright Office’s New Online Recordation System

Posted by: Nora Scheland

The U.S. Copyright Office recently launched its brand new online Recordation System. Check out this blog post to learn more about recordation, how the new system fits into the Electronic Copyright System modernization effort, and the module's benefits to users.

Black man sits at desk wearing headphones talking into a microphone

The Copyright Claims Board Is Here: Find Out If It’s Right for You!

Posted by: Nora Scheland

The Copyright Claims Board (CCB) is now open for business and accepting claims. Learn more about whether the CCB is for you, what to do if you want to initiate a claim or if a claim has been filed against you, and where to get more information.

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The Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act

Posted by: Karyn A. Temple

Today is an exciting day for copyright law. The president has signed the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act, and the United States will soon formally deposit instruments to join this treaty. Five years ago, on June 27, 2013, the international copyright community adopted the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are …