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Celebrating Pride Month: Poets Who Explore Identity and Authenticity Through Creative Expression

A person is drawing on a paper. The paper shows a colorful design and illustrations. A speech bubble is above. 

Illustrative Innovation: Celebrating the AAPI Experience Through Graphic Novels

World IP Day: How the Copyright System Builds Our Common Future

The Economics of Creativity: A Q&A with the Copyright Office’s Chief Economist

The Enduring Legal and Creative Legacy of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Meet Sarah Beth Morgan: An Animation Artist Drawn to Purpose

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard next to a blue, green, and black background of servers and 0s and 1s; text reads: Looking Forward: The U.S. Copyright Office's AI Initiative in 2024

Looking Forward: The U.S. Copyright Office’s AI Initiative in 2024

Background looks like a brown wooden table. On it, are two beige parchments showing early Copyright laws. On the right are two photographs with white frames around them. One is black and white and shows people working in a file room. The other is a color photograph of an aerial view of the Jefferson and Madison buildings on Capitol Hill

New Learning Engine Video Highlights the History of Copyright

A small person looks at a large book with images representing Black history.

Celebrating African Americans and the Arts: The Color Purple