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Archive: November 2019 (5 Posts)

Barbara Ringer: Beyond the ©

Posted by: Alison Hall

Today we celebrate the forty-sixth anniversary of Barbara Ringer’s appointment as the first female Register of Copyrights. While her tenure was long before my time in the Copyright Office, I’m in awe of her dedication to intellectual property law and especially to equality and diversity in the workplace. Ringer earned her law degree and joined …

Man with hands on his waist standing in front of images surrounding the sentence, "Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects creative works."

New Learning Edge Series Video: What Is Copyright?

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

In the short time I’ve been part of the U.S. Copyright Office, I’ve had several conversations that follow this same general scenario: “You work for the Copyright Office? Isn’t that where every copyright in America is registered? Should I go there with my idea that I want to protect? Will they take a family recipe?” …

Certificates printed and mailed

Decreased Processing Times for Copyright Registrations

Posted by: George Thuronyi

The following is a guest post by Robert J. Kasunic, Associate Register of Copyrights and director of Registration Policy & Practice. At the beginning of October, the Copyright Office updated our Registration Processing Times and FAQ, found on our registration portal, to reflect significant decreases in the time it takes us to review copyright registration …