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Benefits of the Copyright Office’s New Online Recordation System

Posted by: Nora Scheland

On the right side of the screen, a young woman in her room, curtains drawn, participates in a Zoom call. She is facing forward and smiling. Left side of the screen reads, "Explore Your Creativity!"

Copyright and Me

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Plates of various Greek dishes and bread laid out in the bottom half of a light blue wooden table. At the top of the pic are the words, "My Food, My Culture."

My Food, My Culture

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Screenshot from YouTube of woman at a desk thinking "That was my great idea."

Hey, That’s My Idea!

Posted by: Holland Gormley

Copyright on the Internet

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Copyright Office’s Learning Engine Video Series on YouTube

Posted by: Steve Andreadis

Man with hands on his waist standing in front of images surrounding the sentence, "Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects creative works."

New Learning Edge Series Video: What Is Copyright?

Posted by: Steve Andreadis