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Sketch of a pitcher in mid-windup, upper half of his body in the middle of a circle. The outside of a circle is a broad band of red, the inside is blue.

Baseball Opening Day, and the Library Adds MLB History Online

Posted by: Neely Tucker

Mark Dimunation holds a clamshell box as an excited Neil Patrick Harris looks on

Mark Dimunation, Master of Rare Books and Excellent Anecdotes, Retires

Posted by: Neely Tucker

Half-length color portrait of Carol Lynn Ward Bamford. She is holding a flute gently in both Hans, smiling, wearing a deep blue dress. She has short white hair. The light-blue wall behind her is decorated with lines and images, including that of.a guitar.

My Job: Carol Lynn Ward Bamford and the Flute Vault

Posted by: Mark Hartsell

Medium close up photo of Liz, eyes upturned and hair pulled back neatly, blowing into a clear flute. The wall behind her is white, part of the Library's flute vault.

Fabulous Flutes

Posted by: Mark Hartsell

Joni Mitchell and Carla Hayden on stage, each seated, in conversation.

Joni Mitchell’s Conversation in the Library

Posted by: Wendi Maloney

Colorful drawing of black fire escapes latticed against a red brick building.

Crime Classics: “A Gentle Murderer” Joins the List!

Posted by: Neely Tucker

Color photo of Jan Grinch, smiling, with short, spiky hair and glasses, wearing a blue button-up sweater over a collared shirt. A colorful poster is behind her.

My Job: Jan Grenci

Posted by: Mark Hartsell

Joni Mitchell holds her arms out onstage, accepting applause, while Carla Hayden stands to the right, also applauding

Joni Mitchell’s Gershwin Prize Concert Showcases Her Music and Influence

Posted by: Mark Hartsell

A silver cylinder case, with brown parchment paper with writing in Hebrew Script.

Purim Holiday: The Library’s Esther Scrolls

Posted by: Neely Tucker