Dav Pilkey: “Love inspires us to become better people.”

We’re back with our Friday check-in with author and illustrator Dav Pilkey, the bestselling children’s writer behind the wildly popular series “Dog Man” and “Captain Underpants.”

Like a lot of authors that publish for that age range, there’s a mix of vulnerability and heart that informs his work. Cartoon strips such as “Peanuts” or “Calvin and Hobbes” (among many others) had that same underpinning of intelligence and kindness; there was a sense of both the wonders and insecurities of childhood that lurked behind the pratfalls and pranks that played for laughs.

In this short montage, Pilkey explains the origins of Petey, one of primary characters in “Dog Man.” As you might expect, he didn’t wander far from home for his inspiration.

In previous episodes, he’s shown us how to draw the characters Flippy and Big Jim. He’ll be back next week, so be sure to visit with us again.

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