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New BARD Additions: February 2020

Now that we have reached the end of February, it’s time to let you know about new materials available from the NLS Music Section.

Franz Liszt. Digital image from b&w film copy negative, 1880-1886. From Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. //hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3c30770

This month, we have added some landmark piano works to our online braille collection, including Franz Liszt’s Sonata in B minor, two sonatas for piano by Scriabin, and Dvořák’s Legends.

During the past month, the Music Section added the following titles in audio and braille to BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download). If you do not use BARD or would like to borrow a hard copy, we will gladly mail one to you. Contact the Music Section by phone (1-800-424-8567, option 2) or by e-mail ([email protected]).


Music Appreciation Talking Books

Greenberg, Robert. Concert Masterworks. Dr. Greenberg examines late eighteenth and nineteenth century music through examples. (DBM01538)


Braille Music

Braille Manuals

Musical Notation for the Blind. Manual of braille musical notation in uncontracted English braille. (BRM30247)



Gardner, Maurice. The Air’s Polluted. For mixed chorus (SATB) in line by line format. (BRM22770)

Hicks, Val. The Days Back When. For men’s voices, 4 parts, in line by line and bar over bar formats. (BRM25711)

Krenek, Ernst. Three Madrigals: S.S.A. For SSA chorus with piano (for rehearsal only) in line by line format. (BRM22788)



Peoples Mass Book. For SATB and piano in line by line and bar over bar formats. (BRM22724)



Heath, Carol Quimby. The Song Garden. For voice and piano in line by line format. (BRM36807)

Hering, Sigmund. 24 Advanced Etudes: for Trumpet or Cornet. For trumpet or cornet in bar over bar format. (BRM22754)


Music Theory

Siegmeister, Elie. A Workbook for Harmony and Melody: Volume 1. Music theory workbook with braille text notation and musical examples in line by line format. (BRM22688)



Beethoven, Ludwig van. Sonata, op. 26: for the Piano. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM32155)

Chopin, Frédéric. Prelude in C-sharp Minor, op. 45. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM36813)

Debussy, Claude. En Bateau. Transcribed for solo piano from piano, 4 hands in bar over bar format. (BRM00162)

La Danse de Puck : Extrait du Premier Livre de Préludes : no. XI : pour le Piano. For piano in bar over        bar format. (BRM00160)

Dvořák, Antonín. Legends, op. 59: Book 1. For piano, 4 hands in bar over bar format. This record contains book 1, and BRM26345 contains book 2. (BRM26330)

Fisher, Leander. The Robin’s Return. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM22681)

Guion, David Wendell. Home on the Range: Texas Cowboy Song. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM22680)

Liszt, Franz. Piano Sonata in B minor: S. 178 from Musikalische Werke. Serie II, Band 8 (pp.103-138). For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM36815)

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Three Minuets. Minuets K. 2, K. 4, and K. 5 in bar by bar format. (BRM06129)

Scriabin, Aleksandr Nikolayevich. Sonata no. 1, op. 6. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM32876)

Sonata no. 7, op. 64. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM24578)


Popular Instrumental

Legit Fake Book. For any B-flat wind instrument in line by line format with chord symbols.  Intended for use with small combos. (BRM22705)


Popular Vocal

Contemporary Disney. Seven songs from Disney motion pictures and musicals. For piano, voice, and guitar. In line by line and bar over bar formats with guitar chord diagrams. (BRM36812)

Money, Money, Money. From Abba: Fifteen Easy-Play Piano Arrangements by Stephen Duro, Complete with Chord Symbols and Lyrics / [compiled by Peter Evans]. For voice and piano in open score and bar over bar formats. Chord symbols and lyrics are included. (BRM36818)

Popular Music Lead Sheets. No. 131. Includes melody, words, and chord symbols in lead sheet format. Contents include Back home again / words and music by John Denver — Best for last / words and music by Adele Adkins — Like I can / words and music by Sam Smith and Matt Prime — Sundown / words and music by Gordon Lightfoot — The 59th street bridge song (feelin’ groovy) / words and music by Paul Simon. (BRM36814)

Selections from Great Songs of the Sixties. For voice and piano in line by line and bar over bar formats, with chord symbols. (BRM22567)



100 Solos, Violin. For solo violin in line by line format. (BRM36816)


TO ORDER any of these selections, or if you have questions about our services, call us at 800-424-8567, option 2, or send us an email at [email protected].

New BARD Additions: January 2020

It’s the end of January, and time to let you know about new materials available from the NLS Music Section.

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