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About this Blog: In Custodia Legis

In Custodia Legis is Latin for “in the custody of the law,” a nod to the fact that the Law Library of Congress is a custodian of law and legislation for both the nation and the world. Our team of bloggers covers current legal trends, developments and enhancements to, issues in collecting for the largest law library in the world, legal history and arcana and a range of international perspectives including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Israel, Eritrea, China and Mexico.



Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols
"Of Law There Can Be No Less Acknowledged Than That Her Voice Is the Harmony of the World." Plaque over the statue of Law by Paul W. Bartlett on the column entablature between two alcoves, Main Reading Room, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, 2007. (Carol M. Highsmith/Prints and Photographs Division)