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The Bound Edition of the Congressional Record for the 103rd Congress is Now Available on Congress.gov

The Congressional Record on Congress.gov provides a detailed account of the debates and proceedings of Congress, and is a helpful source for conducting research on the legislative history of a piece of legislation. Until now, the Congressional Record on Congress.gov has consisted exclusively of the Daily Edition of the Record. There is another version of the Congressional Record called the Bound Edition. The Bound Edition of the Congressional Record is created at the end of a session of Congress. The Government Publishing Office explains that it collects the Daily Editions and

re-paginates, and re-indexes them into a permanent, bound edition. This permanent edition, referred to as the Congressional Record (Bound Edition), is made up of one volume per session of Congress, with each volume published in multiple parts, each part containing approximately 10 to 20 days of Congressional proceedings. The primary ways in which the bound edition differs from the daily edition are continuous pagination; somewhat edited, revised, and rearranged text; and the dropping of the prefixes H, S, and E before page numbers.

The Bound Edition of the Congressional Record is now available for the 103rd Congress on Congress.gov.

The Bound Edition of the Congressional Record is now available for the 103rd Congress on Congress.gov.

In an effort to make older editions of the Congressional Record available to the public, we have now added the Bound Edition of the Congressional Record for the 103rd Congress, which covers the years 1993 and 1994. You can access it by using the date picker on the Congressional Record page and selecting the year 1993 or 1994. You can also perform a search from the global search bar by selecting “Congressional Record” in the drop-down menu, then click on the Congressional Record Edition filter on the left and select “Bound Edition.” This launch includes the Senate, House, and Extensions of Remarks sections. The Daily Digest section, which provides a summary of the daily proceedings in Congress, is not yet available in this release. We hope this addition is helpful to your research and look forward to hearing your feedback. We plan to add more Bound Editions of the Congressional Record in the future.

his is an example of a page from the Bound Congressional Record on Congress.gov.

This is an example of a page from the Bound Congressional Record on Congress.gov.


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