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95th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Agreement – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Peter Roudik, Director of Legal Research at the Law Library of Congress.

Last weekend, during my sightseeing in Pittsburgh, I took the below picture.  On this day, May 31, 95 years ago, an agreement to establish a new nation called Czechoslovakia was concluded in Pittsburgh.  As that country has not existed since 1993, the Law Library of Congress is probably the best place outside of the Czech Republic and Slovakia (the former Czechoslovakia) to conduct research on the former country’s laws.  The legal history of this country can be found in documents preserved by the Library: flyers announcing the attempts to create a new state, legal writings, and other documents, including the very first officially published regulations issued by the government of the newly created Czechoslovakia in 1918.

The Italian Legislature and Legislative Process: A Recent Institution in an Ancient Legal System

The following is a guest post by Dante Figueroa, Senior Legal Information Analyst at the Law Library of Congress.  Dante has previously written blog posts on canon law and the papacy:  Canon Law Update; Citizenship in the Vatican City State; Medieval Canon Law; and The Papal Inquisition in Modena.   Dante recently spent three weeks at […]

2013 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

The following is a guest post by Helen White Cauthen, Communications Specialist, Office of Development, University of Alabama School of Law. The annual Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction is given to a book-length fictional work that “best exemplifies the role of lawyers in society in the spirit of Atticus Finch.” John Grisham won the inaugural prize […]

Glimpse of Law: Tour Round-up

April showers bring May flowers, and, if you live in Washington, DC, you know that May flowers signal the arrival of large tour buses.  As we transition into summer, I am reminded that ours is a destination city. Last year, I wrote a series of posts describing the law-related art and symbols throughout the Jefferson […]

The State of Congress.gov at the 2013 Legislative Data Conference

The following is a guest post by Tammie Nelson, project manager of Congress.gov and an Information Technology Specialist at the Library of Congress. I spoke earlier today at the Committee on House Administration’s Legislative Data and Transparency Conference on recent progress and coming updates to Congress.gov.  For those who were not able to attend the conference or to see it […]

Meet Karin Linhart: A Law Library of Congress Patron

The following is a guest post by Elizabeth Moore, a librarian at the Law Library of Congress.  Karin is our second patron to be interviewed. Alexander Hoffman was the first. Describe your background. Karin Linhart was recently here for five weeks in the Law Library of Congress doing research for her post-doctoral thesis.  Karin is a native of Lauda, […]

Department of State Honors Law Library for Legal Research Expertise

The following article originally appeared in the May 3,  2013, edition of Library of Congress staff newsletter, The Gazette. The U.S. Department of State this week honored the Law Library of Congress for legal research work it provides in support of global criminal-justice programs. The State Department presented the “Outstanding Partnership in Criminal Justice Assistance” […]