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Cherry Blossoms at Fort McHenry – Pic of the Week

Posted by: Kelly Goles

Six photos of the team working on this project.

Spring 2023 Project: Statutes at Large Aids

Posted by: Jennifer González

An Interview with Emmanuel Kwabena Owusu Amoah, Foreign Law Intern

Posted by: Hanibal Goitom

Three headshots of the team of three working on this project

Spring 2023 Project: American State Papers

Posted by: Jennifer González

Law Library’s New Report Reviews Immigration Agency Funding Mechanisms in Selected OECD Countries

Posted by: Kelly Goles

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

Watch a Recording of Our Webinar “An Overview of Treaty Research”

Posted by: Kelly Goles

A photo of the cherry blossoms, edited to highlight the pink, taken from inside the tree among the branches. The buds are fully blooming and the focus is on a cluster of flowers just right of center.

Approaching Peak Bloom – Pic of the Week

Posted by: Bailey DeSimone

Upcoming US Law Webinars – April 2023

Posted by: Taylor Gulatsi

The Mooring of the Shenandoah to the U.S.S. Patoka. United States, 1924. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. //

Congressional Reactions to the Crash of the U.S.S. Macon in the Bound Congressional Record

Posted by: Robert Brammer