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New Acquisitions for Indigenous People’s Day

Greetings from Nacotchtank, Piscataway and Pamunkey traditional lands.

As the last fiscal year just ended, the Law Library’s Collection Services Division staff are looking back on a successful acquisitions year. It seems like a good time to talk about some of our successes, especially acquisitions related to Indigenous peoples, since yesterday was the day that many jurisdictions in the U.S. celebrate Indigenous People’s Day (Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, South Dakota, Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin). Our acquisitions colleagues here in the Library just acquired the rest of the volumes we were missing from our holdings of the Navajo Reporter. We have worked to increase our holdings of law from sovereign Indigenous nations this year; we hope you will review our list of some items acquired since the last list we published in 2016, and prepare your reading list for the upcoming National Native American Heritage Month.

             Dancer at Julyamsh 2014 Pow Wow [Photo by Flickr user k.par.photo. Used under CC 2.0 license.]


KF8203 1830 .D55 2017 Dils, Tracey E. 12 questions about the Indian Removal Act.

KF8205 .A757 2020 Anderson, Robert T. American Indian law: cases and commentary.

KF8205 .F585 2017 Fletcher, Matthew L. M. Principles of federal Indian law.

KF8205.R43 2019 Reading American Indian law: foundational principles.

KF8205 .A76 2020 American Indian law deskbook 2020 ed.

KF8205 .T73 2020 Traditional, national, and international law and indigenous communities.

KF8215.75 .R69 2018 Royster, Judith V. Native American natural resources law: cases and materials.

KF8205 .H37 2018 Hart, E. Richard. American Indian history on trial: historical expertise in tribal litigation.

KF8205 .C373 2017  Cases and materials on Federal Indian Law.

KF8390 .H369 2019 Harmon, Alexandra. Reclaiming the reservation: histories of Indian sovereignty suppressed and renewed.

KIE19 .I53 2018 Indian treaties in the United States: an encyclopedia and documents collection.

KIE20 .C37 2018 Case, Martin. The Relentless business of treaties: how indigenous land became US property.

KIE110 .E15 2019 EagleWoman, Angelique Townsend. Mastering American Indian law.

KIE110 .F57 2020 Fletcher, Matthew L. M. American Indian tribal law. Second edition.

KIE182 .F57 2020 Fletcher, Matthew L. M. The Ghost road: Anishinaabe responses to Indian-hating.

KIE1877 .R53 2021 Richland, Justin B. Cooperation without submission: indigenous jurisdictions in native nation-US engagements.

E99.C53 K495 2020 Killsback, Leo. A Sovereign people: indigenous nationhood, traditional law, and the covenants of the Cheyenne nation.

E78.W8 L43 2018 Leary, J. P. The Story of Act 31: how native history came to Wisconsin classrooms.

KIK1074 .R67 2021 Rosser, Ezra. A Nation within: Navajo land and economic development.

KIK1067 .N38 1979 Navajo reporter. (full set!)

Aupilaarjuk, Mariano. Perspectives on traditional law. 1999.

KZ3673.3 .H37 2021 Harvey, Roberta Carol. The Earth is red: the imperialism of the doctrine of discovery.

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