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Deep Linking in Congress.gov Allows You to Share Specific Sections of a Bill

As of January 2020, deep linking in legislation is now available on Congress.gov. If you want to share a link to a particular section of a bill, go to the XML/HTML version of the bill, hover over the section of interest, click on the link icon, and then click “share this section” to copy a link to that section to your clipboard.

Click on the link icon next to the section of a bill you want to share.

Click on the link icon next to the section of a bill you want to share.

This is a significant improvement, and we have seen more than a thousand uses of the tool so far, with users sharing information from appropriation bills, trade legislation, and more. Previously, you could only provide a link to the top of the page of a bill. Some bills may be hundreds of pages of text, so your recipient would have had to scroll down to locate the section you wanted them to read. With deep linking, you can zero in on the exact section you are interested in, and share that with your intended  recipient.

Click "share this link" to copy a link to that section of the bill to your clipboard, which you can share with your intended recipient.

Click “share this section” to copy a link to the section of the bill to your clipboard, which you can then share with your intended recipient.

Please note that if you do not want to highlight any section of text, you can just keep your mouse on the scroll bar while you are reading the bill.

The deep linking enhancement is the result of user feedback that we received through the Congress.gov user feedback survey. If you have enhancements you would like to see included in Congress.gov, please fill out our survey.

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