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Dog Law! – Pic of the Week

Our collection often surprises me, and this week’s pic is no exception.  As I walked by a shelf I had passed many times before, there they were: not one, but two books on dog law.  These are just the items in our Reading Room, most of our items you have to request from the stacks.

Dog Law is by Mary Randolph.  Animal Law and Dog Behavior is by David Favre and Peter L. Borchelt.  Either book might be useful the next time Kelly does a post on a barking dog.


Twitter is a fun, effective tool for communicating.  There’s a reason why I use it both professionally and personally.  I’ve been tweeting away for the Law Library’s @LawLibCongress account for about a year and a half now. In one of my previous blog posts, I discussed “Tweeting THOMAS and Connecting with Congress.”  And now, the […]

My Trip to the Future

The following is a guest post by Roberta Shaffer, Law Librarian of Congress. Roberta has posted to the blog on multiple occasions including: Greetings from the Law Librarian of Congress, Happy Old Year, and The Law Library of Congress Strategic Plan Released. From the moment that I arrived in Seoul, Korea until the day I […]

Happy Earth Day – Pic of the Week

Today is the 41st celebration of Earth Day (which I know thanks to a 40th anniversary of Earth Day post by Jennifer from last year).  Just like with our Cherry Blossom pic, the picture below was taken by a Library of Congress employee, Chris Carlson.  He has a great photo blog. President George Bush said […]

Saudi Arabia: The Second Municipality Election in the Kingdom’s History

The following is a guest post by George Sadek, Senior Legal Information Analyst. In Saudi Arabia on April 23, 2011, individuals eligible to cast their votes in the municipality election will have the right to register themselves for inclusion in the voters’ election registration lists.  Half of the seats in the municipal councils across the […]

William and Kate Plus a Pre-nup?

With the marital celebrations of Prince William and Kate Middleton only a week away, the question flying around some people’s minds is whether Will and Kate have a pre-nuptial agreement (also known in England as a ‘marital property agreement‘) in place. The use of pre-nuptial agreements has not been widespread in England, due mainly to […]