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Join Us on 6/22 for a Foreign and Comparative Law Webinar on Medieval European Legal Manuscripts And What They Are Telling Us

Posted by: Kelly Goles

Picture of a book cover that reads: Hello--Mr. Lawyer! I came to help you win Negligence Cases. I can't address the Jury---but here are the Facts to fit your Case---and it is up to you to do the rest.

Hello Mr. Lawyer! – Pic of the Week

Posted by: Betty Lupinacci

Cover images of historical and contemporary legal reports published in the last year. All of the reports pictured above are now available online in the Legal Reports (Publications of the Law Library of Congress) collection.

Online Legal Reports Collection Surpasses 4,000 Historical and Contemporary Reports

Posted by: Stephen Mayeaux

Photo of the title page of The Law of Scania (Copenhagen, 1505). The title page bears a woodcut of a figure who wears a crown and holds a sword and orb, all symbols of kingship. The royal coat of arms of Denmark appears on his shield.

New Acquisitions: Skånske lov, the Law of Scania (Copenhagen, 1505)

Posted by: Nathan Dorn

New Acquisition: 1872 House Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs

Posted by: Jennifer Davis

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

Law Library of Congress Legal Reports – Now Available on HeinOnline

Posted by: Taylor Gulatsi

A print of a man holding a book with an arrow going from the book to the man's head and down to his heart. The text reads: "For a richer, fuller life, wake up and READ." This print was made for National Library Week in 1961.

National Library Week – Celebrating the Collections and Services of the Library of Congress

Posted by: Taylor Gulatsi

Covers of six foreign legal gazettes discussedd in this article.

Foreign Legal Gazette Collections – Winter 2023 Recap

Posted by: Jennifer González

Black and white photo of an American flag being lowered.

Upcoming US Law Webinars – May 2023

Posted by: Kelly Goles