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A View of the Parliamentary Library of Québec – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Janice Hyde, Supervisory Program Specialist at the Law Library of Congress.

After enduring weeks of Washington’s sweltering summer heat, I decided to head north in search of cooler climes and spent several days in Québec City, Canada.  While there, I took a tour of the provincial Parliament and then wandered over to the Parliamentary Library of Québec where I encountered this beautiful stained-glass window.

The window was designed by Guido Nincheri, a Canadian artist renowned for his stained-glass work and frescoes.  The window depicts the waterfall on the Ouiatchouane River in the historical village of Val-Jalbert in the Chambord municipality, which is about 155 miles northwest of Québec City.  Although the scene portrays an actual place, the design is allegorical.  The waterfall and pond at its foot represent the inexhaustible pool of knowledge that one can gain from books found in libraries.

"Québec City Parliamentary Library Window" photo by Janice Hyde

An Interview with Sophia Schick, Foreign Law Intern

This week’s interview is with Sophia Schick.  Sophia is spending time working for the Law Library this summer as an intern in the Global Legal Research Center. In addition to the valuable contribution she is making, Sophia brings tremendous enthusiasm to her work. Describe your background.  I grew up in Meersburg, a small town of five  thousand inhabitants, […]

Bookmobile in Finland – Pic of the Week

The following is a guest post by Robert Newlen, the Assistant Law Librarian for Collections, Outreach, and Services in the Law Library of Congress.  Robert has previously blogged about Marsh’s Library, the National Library of Uzbekistan, Souvenirs from Moscow, and Humboldt University Law Faculty in our Pic of the Week series. On a recent trip to Finland, I spotted this colorful bookmobile.  In addition to this […]

Author Michael Connelly Wins 2012 Harper Lee Prize

Author Michael Connelly has won the 2012 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction for his work, The Fifth Witness. The annual Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction is given to a book-length fictional work that “best exemplifies the role of lawyers in society, and their power to effect change.”  The University of Alabama School of […]

Legal Pirates, Treasure, and Murder: A Tale from the South Seas

Last week, as I scanned news items from across the Pacific, a particular story caught my eye.  A sunken pirate ship laden with treasure.  Massacre of the crew by island warriors.  A British boy that lived to tell the tale of his adventures in the islands.  It sounded like something Robert Louis Stevenson or Daniel […]