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Man holding string of shells.

Shell Money as the Original Currency in the American Colonies

19th century book cover that has gold lettering that reads rhubarb culture and gold design of rhubarb.

Rhubarb Marmalades and More: Recipes from our U.S. Historical Community Cookbooks

Man using computer as others watch at a exhibit with banner "Information on Demand"

What Can We Learn from Ask-A-Librarian Questions?

four women singing face the camera with an open guitar case in the foreground with coins and dollars; one playing the guitar one seated palm trees and passers by in the background

Working in the Gig Economy: An Overview of a Rising Industry

Clocking In, Clocking Out

books featuring cars, airplanes, and railroads are open on top of a low book case with the wall of bookcases filled with books are in the background

Celebrating a Milestone: The Adams Building Turns 85 Years Old

A scan of a page from a 1911 newspaper that highlights an article “1911 Invasion of Insect Armies” on periodical cicadas that includes illustrated drawings of their lifecycle from larva to adult.

Buzz in the Air! Announcing Periodical Cicadas: A Resource Guide

the magazine masthead features Neptune in a shell being pulled over the ocean by two sea horses with three mermaids in the water draped over the shell the title The shipping World and the Herald of Commerce surrounds the figures edited by Major Jones cost was sixpence

The Shipping World: 1940 and the War

Multi-color image of whole brain for brain imaging research.This image was created using a computer image processing program (called SUMA), which is used to make sense of data generated by functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

May 22 Online Event on Brain Health, Wellness and Aging