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Researching Old Companies: a Business Class on June 23

For over a year the Library has conducted research orientations on Saturdays.  On June 23 Business Reference takes its turn.

Instead of doing our general Business Research Orientation, I will be teaching a class titled So…you want to research old companies at the Library of Congress. While the class is primarily about using the Library’s resources to do historical research on companies, some of the resources I will cover aren’t necessarily specific to the Library, so if you can come,  you may be able to take what you learn back home and see if your local public libraries and historical societies have resources that can help with this type of research.

I plan on covering print and electronic sources – both free and subscription – as well as giving a few tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years.

This is an in-person class (sorry, no webinar) that starts at 10am in room LJ-139B – which is just around the corner from the Reader Registration station in the Jefferson Building.  If you want to attend, you can sign up on Eventbrite at  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/saturday-research-orientation-business-reference-services-registration-43169018697?aff=es2 (the form says Business Research Orientation but it is for this class)

Note: Request ADA accommodation five days in advance at 202.707.6362 or [email protected]

Lecture with NASA’s Dr. Sarah Jones, June 7: “The Upper Atmosphere: Where Space Weather Meets Earth Weather”

This post was authored by Stephanie Marcus, Science Reference Librarian in the Science, Technology, and Business Division. The dance between the ionosphere and the thermosphere is complicated!  At the boundary between Earth and space, charged particles and fields co-exist with Earth’s neutral atmosphere and cause a continual tug of war between the neutral and ionized […]

Using Space-Based Observations for Improved Global Water Security and Sustainability: May 15 Lecture with NASA’s Dr. John Bolten

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The Project: Reading a Sanborn Map part (b)

This is the fourth post in a series addressing digital scholarship in business and economic history related to Library of Congress collections. Read the first post, second post, and third post. In my last post, I talked about how I started to learn to read a Sanborn map. I left out one last piece of advice. […]

NASA Astrophysicist Dr. Scott Guzewich to Discuss ‘Swimming in Martian Lakes: Curiosity at Gale Crater’ on April 25

This post was authored by Stephanie Marcus, Science Reference Librarian in the Science, Technology, and Business Division. NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission landed the nuclear powered rover Curiosity on the floor of the 96-mile wide Gale Crater on August 6, 2012.  In a complicated maneuver using a sky crane, it touched down near “Mount Sharp,” […]

Announcing “What’s New in Science, Technology, and Business”

The Science, Technology, & Business Division has long sent periodic email updates on “What’s New in Science and Technology”, covering lectures, exhibits, and other news. It has been newly re-named–“What’s New in Science, Technology, & Business”–and will feature updates and information from Business too! If you want to receive occasional emails about special events, lectures, current […]

Nobel Physicist Ernest O. Lawrence: A Small Town, Cyclotrons, and the Birth of Big Science

This post was authored by Stephanie Marcus, Science Reference & Research Specialist, in the Science, Technology, and Business Division of the Library of Congress. She is also author of the blog posts “Kebabs, Kabobs, Shish Kebabs, Shashlyk, and: Chislic” and “The Potato Transformed.” I grew up in the small town of Canton, South Dakota.  A […]