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Photograph shows a group of founding members of the Niagara Movement superimposed over an image showing Niagara Falls in the background

Webinar Feb. 8 on African Americans in Business: Doing Historical Company Research

Posted by: Natalie Burclaff

portrait photograph with the caption "Cor. Sec. Woman's National Baptist Convention, Louisville, KY" she is wearing a pleated blouse with a brooch at the neck and her hair pulled up

Nannie Helen Burroughs and her “most creditable work”

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

sheet showing eight different scenes including: with oysters and win, with a lobster and fish; with ham; with two women and scales; one with with a stereotype Asian man and woman and a box with tea spilling out; with a stereotype Asian man and a box of trade goods; with fine china; with fancy glass; with women's clothes and toiletries; with a an apothecary with medicines; with jewelry; with books and paper

Trade Cards and Making an Impression

Posted by: Ellen Terrell