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Archive: May 2013 (3 Posts)

Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

So, what was the closing price?

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

In Business we get a lot of questions about historical stock prices.  While there are a number of subscription databases that do have deep historical coverage of daily stock price data, they often aren’t widely accessible. Since most people who are asking the question often have limited avenues for research, I prefer to direct researchers …

Photographic print. Inflation of the balloon Intrepid to reconnoiter the Battle of Fair Oaks; Lowe, not visible in this image, is standing to the right of the balloon.

The Aeronauts

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to give a gallery talk in the Library’s Civil War in America Exhibit Hall about the role of technology during the U.S. Civil War. There were many technologies or tools in use or being developed at this time, such as the telegraph, ironclad steamships (e.g. Merrimack and Monitor), railroads, …