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Labor Day labor round-up & parade


While thinking about a topic for this year’s Labor Day blog post,  I was reviewing what we had done in the past and I realized quite a few were labor-related.  So I decided that instead of writing something entirely new, a review of previous blog posts would make a good post.

Then I got curious about what other Library blogs had done and I found quite a lot!

And because I couldn’t stop,  I decided to keep going and highlight just a few other Library pages.

No Opera, No X-Rays!

The following is a guest post by Emmy-Award-winning engineer Mark Schubin who is a frequent researcher at the Library of Congress. He has been writing about the intersecting histories of opera and media technology since 1972 and currently serves as engineer-in-charge of the Metropolitan Opera’s Media Department. In October 2011, Mark gave a presentation at the Library […]

Five Questions (The Intern Edition): Camron T. Lee

This post features the Library’s ST&B 2013 junior fellow Camron T. Lee from Utah State University. 1. What is your background I was born and raised in Utah. After graduating high school, I spent two years living in Japan and developed a passion for Japanese language, culture, and history. Since returning to the States, I […]