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Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

Updated Beauty & Fashion Guides

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

This is a second post about updates for Business Reference guides, and this post features guides for those studying the fashion industry  and beauty business. I hope that both of them can help those doing research on the current state of the industry, but both also include resources for those wanting to look at the …

Photograph of the Narrow-gauge steam locomotive

Walt Whitman’s View of Railroads: To a Locomotive in Winter

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Whitman's poem "To a Locomotive in Winter;" first appeared in print February 19, 1876 in the New York Daily Tribune as part of a preview of the volume Two Rivulets (1876). Published just seven years after the union of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific railroad at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory, Whitman's poem "To a Locomotive in Winter" considers the dynamic relationship between the railroad and nature.