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Pic of the Week: Dr. Tomo Inouye

Dr. Tomo Inouye at first International Congress of Working Women in session in Washington, D.C. Dr. Inouye studied medicine in the United States and is now a practicing physician in her own country. She was also prominent in the conference of women doctors recently held. (between 1918 and 1920)

When I was searching the Prints & Photographs catalog for pictures for the post earlier this week, She Works Hard for the Money, I kept finding the most interesting photos such as those related to the National Women’s Trade Union League of America (NWTULA) and the executives of the NWTULA, as well as a group taken at the First International Congress of Working Women held in Washington, D.C. in 1919.  I decided to take the opportunity to highlight one for this week’s Pic of the Week.

The photo featured in this post is of Dr. Tomo Inouye from Japan who was attending the International Congress of Working Women when this photo was taken.  While looking for something more on Dr. Inouye to include in this post, I found an article that appeared on January 3, 1920 from the Sausalito News, which is available online in the California Digital Newspaper Collection.  Dr. Inouye was attending the Y.W.C.A International Conference of Women Physicians where she made note that there were approximately 500 female physicians  and 400 female medical students in Japan.  I think Dr. Inouye would be happy that in 2002, there were 39,145 female physicians in Japan according to the World Health Organization’s Global Atlas of the Health Workforce.

She Works Hard for the Money

The Women’s Bureau was organized in 1920 as an agency within the Department of Labor to represent the needs of working women.  As part of its mission, it published many books and pamphlets about women’s issues and the working conditions of women.  Since March is Women’s History Month, I thought this would be a good […]

Pic of the Week: The book2net Scanner

We welcomed this new addition to the Science and Business Reading Room last week. Researchers can now digitally scan material from our general collections and save the file to their USB flash drive (aka jump drive, thumb drive, and memory stick).  Our Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room also has a book2net scanner. You can […]

Celebrate Einstein’s Birthday with Pi

The month of March brings us a multitude of celebrations, events, and observances such as  Daylight Saving Time, the Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day, Vernal Equinox, and Women’s History Month. Also this year (2011) in March we celebrate Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras), Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Purim. We should add two more things to celebrate […]

Pic of the Week: Architectural Drawing

Today’s Pic of the Week is a colorful drawing of the proposed interior of one of our reading rooms by our building’s architects, Pierson & Wilson. This drawing epitomizes the amount of detail, labor, and materials that went into the construction of the Adams Building- from the green formica wall paneling (Formica Insulation Co., Cincinnati, […]

What’s Happening on our Planet Today?

Would you like to learn more about what is happening on our planet, as well as about planetary exploration and the mysteries of our universe? In partnership with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, we have scheduled a fantastic line-up of public programs for 2011 that will delve into topics such as black holes, the Sun, […]