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Descansos: Roadside Memorials

A colored movie poster included a drawing of the scenery in Antartica, as seen from the perspective from inside an ice cave. A blue sea and orange/yellow horizon can be seen in the distance. The movie title is Captain Scott and animal life in the Antarctic.

Story Map Highlight: History of the Antarctic Treaty System

A black and gold plaque affixed to a brick wall

LGBTQ+ History Month on Capitol Hill

The picture shows Lore Maria Peschel-Gutzeit in a conversation with several women at the Business Women School.

Lore Maria Peschel-Gutzeit – “Naturally Equal”

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

Watch a Recording of the 2023 Public Forum

The featured image depicts a driver and passenger in a horse-drawn taxicab with the text Harper's November on the bottom of the poster.

Upcoming U.S. Law Webinars – November 2023

Title Page of the Law Library Report on "Legal Treatment of Unaccompanied Minors"

Law Library Report on Legal Treatment of Unaccompanied Minors Published

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

The Law Library of Congress Invites Applications for the 2024 Guggenheim Scholars Program

A picture of Gerard Mosolo standing on the viewing platform of the Library of Congress Main Reading Room

An Interview with Gerard Mosolo, Legal Research Fellow