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Braddock’s (Other) Road

If you live and drive in the greater Washington area, you have heard of Braddock Road (VA State Road 620). It’s almost always congested with the heavy traffic that is one of the region’s claims to fame. Virginia is littered with roadways named for early American historical people and battles, and I assumed Braddock was […]

Spanish Legal Documents (15th – 19th Centuries): Miscellaneous (and Beyond!)

The following post was written in collaboration with Dante Figueroa, a senior legal information analyst at the Law Library of Congress. Today we bring you the final collection update from our Spanish Legal Documents series. For more on the history of this collection, as well as our efforts to present the full collection online, see our previous posts […]

An Interview with Laura Turner O’Hara, Web Content Manager for the House of Representatives History, Art & Archives Website

What is your academic and professional history? I went to Stanford University as a student-athlete, intending to be a journalist or professional runner. But I fell in love with history after touring one of the many archival collections on campus my freshman year. I did my undergraduate thesis research at the National Archives the summer […]

Regulating the Movement of Grazing Reindeer in the North – The Reindeer Convention of 1919

As Norad prepares to track Santa and his reindeer as they travel the world, I note that the movement of reindeer has been a regulated issue in the Northern countries of Europe for centuries. Ever since the nation states were created, the indigenous Sami have had to abide by national and international treaty rules governing […]

A Guide to Chinese Legal Research: Official Online Publication of Chinese Law (Update)

Last year, I blogged about two online sources that are designated by China‘s 2015 revised Law on Legislation to officially publish Chinese laws, regulations, and rules (collectively “legislative documents”): National People’s Congress (NPC) website: designated by article 58 of the Law on Legislation to publish laws adopted by the NPC and its Standing Committee; and Chinese Government […]

Research Guides in Focus – How to Trace Federal Regulations: A Beginner’s Guide

The following is a guest post by Anna Price, a legal reference librarian at the Law Library of Congress. For this latest installment of Research Guides in Focus, we are presenting an overview of one of the Law Library’s newest additions to our Research Guide collection – How to Trace Federal Regulations: A Beginner’s Guide. […]