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The Terrific Twos!

INSIDE ADAMS IS TURNING TWO! When we launched Inside Adams on October 30, 2009 we became the second official Library of Congress blog- the first was the LC Blog (launched April 2007).  In the two years since we published our first post “…Never be afraid of a book,” the Library has added 5 more official blogs to […]

When Washington Bailed Out Mom and Pop

Our guest author today is  Gulnar Nagashybayeva a Business Reference Specialist. Gulnar has been with Business Reference Services of the Science, Technology & Business Division for almost three years. Previously she worked as Government Documents librarian/contractor at the Central Library of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She holds a Master’s in Library Science degree […]

Pic of the Week: Itzamna

As we near the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are featuring Lee Lawrie’s scuplture of the Mayan deity Itzamna from the Adams building bronze doors (back in September we featured the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl). The Maya occupied what are now the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador; and like the other […]

Stumbled Upon In The Stacks, Or The Chimp In My Office

Our guest author today is Michelle Cadoree Bradley, Science Reference Specialist.  Michelle entered the Library of Congress as part of the Library of Congress Intern Program (1989-90).  After completing her internship she joined the then Science and Technology Division.  She holds a master’s in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University School of Library and […]


Artist Lee Lawrie’s figures on the Adams Building bronze doors provide us with an opportunity to highlight important mythical and heroic figures that helped promote the written word. For Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month we highlighted the figure of Brahma. It seems only fitting that for Hispanic Heritage Month we feature the bronze image of the […]