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A New Deal

Today’s post continues our “Intern Month” theme and is written by Laura Beth Jackson of Mississippi State University. I have a sweet tooth.  I’ll admit it.  I’d choose sweets over “real” food any day. So, I was delighted—and surprised—to find so many bakeries around D.C.  And they are crowded! In contrast, last summer I visited […]

Pic of the Week: Show and Tell

Today’s Pic of the Week shows the Division’s two Junior Fellows, Laura Beth Jackson and Brian Horowitz, at the annual event the Library holds where the Junior Fellows showcase their projects. Laura Beth’s project was about the Library’s materials from the National Recovery Administration, and her exhibit included two of the Codes of Fair Competition […]

The Art of War…and of Sandwich Making

We have deemed the entire month of August this year ”Intern Month” at Inside Adams, which means we are featuring posts written by and about our summer interns.  Today’s post is by Brian Horowitz of Montgomery College in Maryland. Brian was with us last year and wrote the post  Stumbled Upon in the Stacks about Brevet Major Alfred Mordecai. He is […]

Civil War Aeronautics

Will Lieut. Gen. Scott please see Professor Lowe once more about his balloon? This quote comes from a note that President Lincoln wrote to General Scott on July 25, 1861. Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt Lowe (Prof. T.S.C. Lowe) was an expert balloonist and would become the Chief Aeronaut for the United States Government during the Civil […]

Sun Spots this Summer?

Today’s post is from science reference librarian  Margaret Clifton.  She is also the author of Stars in his Eyes , in which she discusses Galileo’s Sidereus nuncius – The Starry Messenger. Since February the Sun has been kicking out some terrific solar flares as it moves from a quiet period toward the peak of Solar Cycle 24.  […]