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Pic of the Week: Discovery

One of our volunteers discovered this intriguing magazine while he was combing the stacks for interesting and lesser known publications. Discovery: an illustrated journal of scientific news and progress for everybody launched its first issue in May 1907. Its aim was  to bring the public in sympathetic touch with scientists and their work throughout the […]

Food Thrift: Scraps from the Past

Today’s post is authored by Constance Carter, head of the science reference section. Connie has written for us before, see her post - Celebrate with a Chocolate Chip Cookie. Today, as the country recovers from an economic downslide, we can seek our forebears’ advice and learn from their ingenuity. How exactly did they use their talents to […]


I thought I would take an opportunity to post briefly on BEOnline (Business and Economics Online).  The BEOnline project began in 1996 and has developed into a useful collection of Internet links organized by subject area. Donna Scanlon who blogged for Business before I did, featured the job search and career assistance area in a […]

Pic of the Week: “What number please?”

Today’s photo features a map of the telephone lines found in the October 1894 issue of the National Telephone Directory from American Telephone and Telegraph Company.  As noted on the title page, this publication “is intended to be a List of Stations Connected by Metallic-Circuit Lines” within the “LONG DISTANCE” System and includes businesses and […]