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Picture of children's books on top of a shelf.

New Law Library Reading Room Display Highlights Children’s Books About Women of the Supreme Court

The cover page of the newly published legal report titled, "Selected Issues in Biotechnology Regulation."

Law Library’s Newly Published Legal Report titled, “Selected Issues in Biotechnology Regulation”

A committee meeting page displaying a video on New, Tip, and Top – February 2024, Part 2

Law Library’s Newly Published Legal Report titled, “Carbon Neutrality Legislation Around the World”

A cabinet card portrait of an African-American man, Thomas Mundy Peterson, wearing a three-piece suit with the medallion of the city of Perth Amboy presented to him to commemorate his historic vote.

Thomas Mundy Peterson, First African American Man to Cast a Ballot

Upcoming U.S. Law Webinars – March 2024

Benjamin Banneker: Surveyor, City Planner, Astronomer

Beneficial Ownership Transparency’s Evolving Paradigms: An Overview of the Latest Reforms in the US, the EU, and the UK (Part 2)

Capitol building with Christmas tree in foreground.

Lansing, Michigan – Pic of the Week