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Image of the Bill of Rights

Teaching Civic Ideals Using Primary Sources: The Origin and Evolution of the Bill of Rights

Posted by: Danna Bell

Many Americans take for granted the guarantees of the Bill of Rights. However, the story and order of the initially proposed twelve amendments submitted to states for ratification offer an interesting case study for students to analyze and discuss why certain rights were included as a protection against federal encroachment upon citizens' freedom and how they apply to us today.

One woman watches as another examines with a magnifying glass an ornate, decorative image on a printed page

Teaching Civic Ideals Using Primary Sources: Federalism and the Origin of Federal Air Pollution Policy 

Posted by: Danna Bell

Environmental case studies such as Donora, Pennsylvania, offer students the opportunity to evaluate the system of federalism in context of a historical event. In addition, this event may stretch students’ understanding of when and why society began to focus on the impact of air pollution on the environment.