A New Year…a New Direction…a New Adventure

I have a relative who has made a number of changes in the past few years. Some of them were incredibly difficult, but instead of being scared of the new path or unopened door he tried something new. And the rewards have been beyond measure.

Are you ready to try something new? Are you ready for a new direction? A new mindset?

All you have to do is walk down a path and open a door….

May this new year bring the opportunity to walk new paths, try new doors, and grow as teachers and professionals.

Rose Hill, Yanceyville, Caswell County, North Carolina. Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1938


Happy Birthday to the Amazing Periodic Table!

The year 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of Dmitry Mendeleyev’s ground-breaking Periodic Table of the Elements, and provides an opportunity both to celebrate Mendeleyev’s historic accomplishment and to reflect on important lessons that students can learn about the nature of science from his experiences.

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with the Annual Young Readers Center Puppet Show (the Day After Thanksgiving!)

The Young Readers Center is excited to invite you to see the annual Puppet Show on the day after Thanksgiving on November 29, 2019. This year we are sharing Native American Folktales, with stories and poems from nations such as Cree, Seneca, Winnebago, and Navajo.