Celebrating the Music of Billy Joel

You might have seen the posts earlier this fall about the Gershwin Prize, awarded to Billy Joel, and you might have wistfully wondered what the tribute concert was like. Below is an invitation to find out, from the comfort of your own home.

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Here are the posts, celebrating song and exploring storytelling, songwriting, and legacies:

Primary Sources in the Science Classroom: Signals from Mars? Venus?

Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, and Thomas Edison were among the respected scientists who believed one of our neighbors was trying to contact us. A news article “Hello, Earth! Hello!” published on March 18, 1920, details the history of signals, possibly electromagnetic, picked up by Marconi and verified by scientists around the world, including Edison and Tesla. All three agreed the signals were deliberately sent from another planet. Based on the information they had, this was a realistic inference.

Exploring the Legacy of Magna Carta with Students through Historic Images

The medieval English charter known as Magna Carta was intended as a local political document, created to make peace between England’s King John and his barons in the early thirteenth century. However, it carried within it powerful ideas about the limits of government and the importance of individual liberty, and its influence has spread across the centuries and around the globe.