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Happy Blogiversary from Folklife Today!

Nine staff members in colorful costumes.

AFC staff members in Halloween costumes earlier today: Sarah Lerner (crab), Margaret Kruesi (Mardi Gras mask) Maya Lerman (spider queen), Kelly Revak (squid), Judith Gray (cat) Jennifer Cutting (pirate), Stephen Winick (king), Nicole Saylor (shark), Stephanie Hall (woodland sprite).

As our longtime readers may recall, the first post on Folklife Today was for Halloween 2013. It called attention to Jack Santino’s Halloween article, and updated it with new information and scary collection items. Since then, we have collected Halloween photos and blogged about spooky stories and (most recently) bats.


Kelly Revak, Nicole Saylor, and Sarah Lerner, aka the AFC Sea Life Collection.

We have now blogged about folklife and oral history for exactly three years, and this is our 300th post. So if Halloween is not your cup of tea, we have covered all kinds of folklore, and presented rich oral histories with a special focus on the collections of the Veterans History Project. If you’ve joined us recently, please explore our posts!


Trio of AFC bloggers: Stephen Winick, Nicole Saylor, Stephanie Hall.

We’ll be back very soon with big news about VHP and AFC staff, and more discussion of the blog itself. And of course, we’ll continue our posts about AFC and VHP collections. But for now, we just wanted to thank our longtime readers for sticking with us, and our newer ones for joining the fun.

Here’s to many more years of Folklife Today!

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