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AUTHOR: John Fenn

John Fenn is the Head of Research and Programs at the American Folklife Center, a position that entails leading a team of staff involved in public programming, publications, research, and training in the field of folklife. His academic background is in folklore and ethnomusicology, and he holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University (2004). Prior to taking his position at the Library of Congress, John was an Associate Professor in the Arts and Administration Program at the University of Oregon. He was also a core faculty member in the Folklore Program, and served on the Executive Advisory Committee for the Oregon Folklife Network, which has its administrative offices at the University of Oregon. While a graduate student, John worked for the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival as Assistant Festival Producer and was heavily involved in programming at WFHB, Bloomington's community radio station. He has conducted fieldwork on expressive culture in Malawi (Southeast Africa), China, Indiana, and Oregon—exploring a wide range of practices, traditions, and communities. Throughout his career he has merged training in folklore and ethnomusicology with a commitment to documentation, public presentation, stewardship, and interpretation of cultural forms and expressions.

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